Primary tools of Bulldozers and Its Functions
The Engine:
Bulldozers are always high-powered diesels, for the most part require powerful motors since they move heaps of overwhelming materials around the work site.

Blade — bulldozer blade is made by the heavy metals placed on the tractor front with the resolve of pushing the objects, shoving soils, sand and debris. The battle functions of dozer blades incorporate the clearing of the field obstacle and the groundwork for the fire positions.

Ripper -is a device at the rear of bulldozer which is extended and claw-like in appearance. Rocks that were ripped allow ground surface rocks to be broken to small rubble which are easy to hold and transport and can be removed so that grading will take place.

The Tracks — Located on either side of the body, the tracks are made of heavy metal links that create powerful traction. The individual tracks are very wide, and added to the already large footmark of the body, a Bulldozer can move in, over, or through nearly any obstruction.

Push frames — help with different tasks like positioning objects for cutting and clearing. Low profile push frames are a great option to increase the operator’s visibility in the cab. Take some time to review what tasks you need to finish and see if your push frame and other bulldozer parts are right for the job.

Final Drive — A Bulldozer’s final drive are likely the most used and most replaced part on a bulldozer. Modern final drives distribute the load over multiple gear teeth and lifts the drive motor away from suspension.

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